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Xtreme ink - CHEST BROWN TATTOO INK - 30ml / 1oz

Xtreme ink - CHEST BROWN TATTOO INK - 30ml / 1oz

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Xtreme Ink is the go-to tattoo ink brand for artists who demand premium, safe and environmentally friendly pigments.
Their full line of tattoo inks includes a wide array of vibrant colors and shading inks designed to suit each tattoo artist's individual style.

Safety is their priority, which is why all Xtreme tattoo inks comply with REACH and EU directives.
Their rigorous standards ensure inks that meet global safety requirements, so you can confidently create great looking tattoos without compromising on safety.

With years of experience in the design and production of tattoo pigments, Xtreme Ink is committed to providing top quality inks that meet the highest standards of safety and consistency.
Its dedication to excellence ensures a product that is not only safer for your customers, but also kinder to the environment.

Xtreme Ink inks are characterized by an impeccable distribution, thanks to their ideal viscosity. This allows the ink to disperse effortlessly from any standard tattoo machine, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.
With Xtreme Ink, your designs will sink into the skin effortlessly, resulting in flawless, vibrant tattoos that will leave a lasting impression.

Xtreme Ink is proud to offer a full range of environmentally friendly tattoo inks that comply with REACH and EU directives. Made from organic ingredients, they are free of additives and cruelty free.

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